Want clarity + direction in your branding and marketing?

(Yes, it’s possible to get out of overwhelm.)


I noticed a common thread among other female entrepreneurs in my circle.

I saw that they were

  • – 100% in on starting their businesses
  • – Dedicated to achieving their ambitious goals, and they were
  • – Bootstrapping their way towards a certain level of success

… but they couldn’t break through to the financial goals they wanted to hit in their businesses.

Eventually bootstrapping stopped working.

They got overwhelmed, overworked, and they lacked clarity in their brand and their marketing strategies.

Sound familiar?

You can have clarity in your brand. You can have a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that actually works for where you are now, and where you want to scale. You can achieve your financial goals … you just need a little guidance.

So if that sounds like you, let’s start a dialogue.

R + A Creative is your team if …

  • You have established your business and have gotten some sales, but are stuck at how to increase your reach and convert traffic into customers.
  • You are overwhelmed by all the marketing channels out there, and you’re not too sure where you need to be seen.
  • You believe in the power of digital media, inbound marketing, and sales funnels.

R + A Creative might not be the team for you if …

  • Your business is in the idea phase. (Samantha Siffring is an amazing coach to help you develop your biz idea!)
  • You’re scared to invest in your business. (Head on over to Tonya Rineer — she’ll get your money mindset all sorted out.)
  • Your business doesn’t need any digital marketing. (My friend Michelle Vroom can help ya out, though.)

“You sound awesome! How can we work together?”
I’m glad you asked! Here’s a breakdown of my Virtual CMO System™.


To best know how to help others, we must first know ourselves. In this step, we’ll collaboratively determine and refine your buyer personas, brand attributes and positioning, and craft your mission statement and elevator pitch.


Let’s pull ourselves out of the weeds and take a look around. In this step, we will assess your business’s place in the competitive landscape to determine who your top competition is, assess your current marketing game, and set your business and marketing goals.


Let’s get down to business. In this final step, we’ll hop on a 1-2 hour Zoom call and discuss bringing it all together. In the end, you’ll have a comprehensive brand guide, a marketing plan to dominate the most powerful channels for your company, and a content calendar to bring it all together.


Let’s talk about working together if you have …

A desire to break through the overwhelm and gain clarity in your branding + marketing

Space in your schedule for a 4-week time commitment for start up and implementation
(you’ll be needed at the beginning the most)

Time to fill out the intake form and hop on a 30-minute call with me to review your answers

Here’s What’s In My File

I’ve been writing for the web since 2009 and have worked for international brands in the health and wellness, finance, and technology sector before securing a position as Content Marketing Manager for a growing FinTech company.

First job: Bookseller at Half-Price Books. I wanted to work the Romance section, but was responsible for True Crime and Children’s (which probably explains my Serial obsession and love for kids movies).

I’m the host of Mama, Build Your Empire! A podcast + tribe dedicated to mom bosses who are growing their business and growing their kids with special needs. Click here to listen to the podcast and click here to join the tribe!

I live in the country just north of Dallas, Texas with my husband and two kids (pictured all throughout my Instagram). I’ve lived all across Texas, Washington, D.C., New York City, and Virginia Beach, Virginia, but I call New Orleans, Louisiana home.

A little lagniappe: I firmly believe there’s never a reason to say no to deliciously boiled crawfish.


3001 S Hardin Blvd Ste 110 #119
McKinney, TX 75409

People are searching for you and what you have to offer. They just don’t know it yet. Let me help you show how much they 100%, absolutely, do-not-pass-go need exactly the solution you offer. Let me show you just how much content marketing works.